A successful project in Brazil, now in Fuerteventura
Breath. Share. Laugh. Move on

A successful project in Brazil, now in Fuerteventura
Breathe. Share. Laugh. Move on

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Hey I'm Carol

Have you ever been in a relationship that was hard to get over?

Have you ever struggle to make a relationship work?

Have you ever been cheated on by “the love of your life”?

I was. My ex cheated on me and the confidence in him (and in myself!) was completely gone.
After we broke up, I tried everything: therapy, travelling, hanging out with my friends and family… but I wasn’t actually over it and I kept on thinking: Seriously, Carol? After all this time?! Are u f*** kidding me?

It was hard but I had to face that, after years, that breakup still had an impact on me and all my relationships: family, friends and professionally.

I knew I had the answer inside of me. I just had to find it.

I started to read books about relationships, kept meditating, going to therapy… and then I found a neuroscience study conducted by Helen Fisher with groundbreaking principles on how to move on after a breakup, and started to put them in practice.

I was finally able to put the pieces of me back together. In other words: I’ve made lemonade with the lemons life gave me
(yes, that’s where the name comes from ;) and it felt SOOO GOOD!

After going through this (crazy) journey, I decided to create Lemonade because, really: how could I keep everything I’ve learned just to myself?! I HAVE TO share it and, hopefully, help other people that are going through the same. And Lemonade’s method combines these neuroscience principles with my 10 years of experience working with design thinking, creativity and leading collaborative teams.

Trust me: You are not alone. We are totally together in this!

Breathe. Share. Laugh. Move on.
Love, Carol

How it works?

The Lemonade Experience is a full weekend dedicated to yourself...

4 days in the beach of Corralejo, with turquoise waters and the famous popcorn beach

With a group of 5-7 people that also want to improve personally and have better relationships

Having the best time and working on your feelings in a chill and fun way

All included (transportation to Corralejo, accomodation, activities, fruits, coffee, tea)

Being careful and conscious following Covid-19 guidelines

In the beautiful Fuerteventura - oh, we already mentioned it, right?!

...for just 499 449€ for early-birds

FINAL Application Day: July 29th (Covid test might be needed according to restrictions)

We are sure you are going to love it but, if you don't, we offer a fully refund guarantee.

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A successful project with people from Brazil, now in Fuerteventura

Read what Brazilians
are saying about it

"EVERYONE goes through relationship problems, and hearing other people’s stories about how they overcame them and develop their self love is extremely inspiring! It warms your heart."

Ana, 🇧🇷  living in Australia

"My relationship ended recently and I relate a lot to Bia's story. Our mind is tricky and can sabotage us. Typically, us men don't talk a lot about our feelings, so it's really good to have Lemonade to help with that.”

Pedro, 🇧🇷  living in Spain

"I’ve never seen a brand talking about relationships in such an open, transparent and uplifting way as much as Lemonade. Many people feel ashamed to talk about these things, so it’s great to finally have found a space for this dialogue. I’m loving it!!"

Julia, 🇧🇷  living in the US

The Agenda

Mixing Design Thinking with Neuroscience

Flexible agenda to adapt to participants' work schedule - especially on Thursday and Friday
August 4th- Thursday
  • 19:00 Welcome to Lemonade with caipirinhas at sunset 🍹
  • 20:00 "Line of life" Design Thinking dynamic 🎨
  • 21:30 Closing of the 1st day 🍋
August 5th - Friday
  • 9:00 Exercise to start the day and produce endorphins 💪🏽
  • 11:00 Real Story #1 to build sense of belonging and identification + "Powerful Questions" Design Thinking💡
  • 13:30 Lunch break
  • 15:00 "Clean your past" NLP exercise to clean your memory + Jess's "rock release" 🧘🏽 🧘🏼 + closing of the 2nd day @ 17:00 🍋
August 6th - Saturday
  • 9:00 Real Story #2 to build sense of belonging and identification
  • 11:00 "Embrace your emotions" talk with Rodrigo ❤️
  • 13:30 Lunch break
  • 15:30 "Reframing" Design Thinking💡
  • 20:00 Dance class to produce fun endorphins and closing of the day  🍋💃🕺💪🏽
August 7th - Sunday
  • 9:00 Prototype your new cycle using Design Thinking 💡 + Real Story #3 to build sense of belonging and identification
  • 13:30 Exercise to recharge and produce endorphins 💪🏽
  • 15:00 Lunch break
  • 17:00 Final Lemonade talk with drinks about “Embodied self-love” and closing @ 18:00 🍋

1 week later = ☕  or 💻 Coffee or Zoom Meeting to track new cycle prototype

Lemonade benefits

Why should you join us on Lemonade Experience?

You are not alone

Connect with a community of people going through the same as you

Gain new skills for life

Learn how to apply Mindfulness, Design Thinking and Neuroscience

Be kind to yourself

Learn to actively take care of
your body, mind and soul

Why neuroscience and design thinking?

The neuroscientists from Einstein College of Medicine in New York have studied the brain in love for decades and identified 6 powerful attitudes to start healing from a love rejection.

We will be incorporating these behaviours along Lemonade Experience in a very practical way #beprepared.

Plus, Design Thinking is more than an innovation methodology, it's a mindset to solve problems in a creative way. And why can't we be creative with our personal problems and struggles?! You will experience and actually live Design Thinking in a way you have never seen before!

PS: We know it seems crazy to mix both, but the best ideas come from the most unexpected places, don't them?! #trusttheprocess

About Lemonade

Our purpose and team

Lemonade is like "workshop-retreat for relationships",
inspired by Neuroscience and Design Thinking :) Our purpose is to resignify the moment of being single or the ending of a relationship as a moment to leverage your self-awareness, self-esteem and empowerment.
And most importantly, for men and women. It's time to embrace both worlds! 


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How does it work?

Lemonade Experience =

  • 4 days (29/04 - 02/05) in Costa Calma, south of Fuerteventura, close to Sotavento, Cofete and right in front of the ocean.
  • All included (house, food, transportation from Corralejo to Costa Calma, paddle surf, functional class and yoga).
  • In person (are you missing being with people? So do we! Being totally careful with Covid, of course. A PCR/antigens exam will be required).
  • Small exclusive groups (from 5 to 10 max) of people going through the same as you.
  • Handcrafted dynamics inspired in Neuroscience and Design Thinking to take care of yourself and your feelings in a practical way.
  • Important: We are waiting for the government definition on April 15th about Fuerteventura restrictions' level - hopefully we will move to Level 2 🙏 .
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